Photo Genealogy

Are you interested in discovering more about your ancestors and their stories? Do you have old photos that you want to identify, date, or restore? If so, you might want to consider hiring a photo genealogist to help you bring your family history to life. Here are 10 ways a photo genealogist can assist you and why you should contact one today.

1. A photo genealogist can analyze your photos and tell you when and where they were taken, based on clues such as clothing, hairstyles, props, backgrounds, and photographer’s marks.

2. A photo genealogist can research the people and places in your photos, using sources such as census records, directories, newspapers, maps, and online databases.

3. A photo genealogist can help you find more photos of your ancestors, either online or in archives, libraries, museums, or private collections.

4. A photo genealogist can scan, digitize, and organize your photos, creating a digital archive that you can easily access, share, and preserve.

5. A photo genealogist can enhance, restore, or colorize your photos, using software tools and techniques to improve their quality and appearance.

6. A photo genealogist can create photo books, slideshows, collages, or other products that showcase your photos and tell your family stories.

7. A photo genealogist can help you solve mysteries or break through brick walls in your family tree, using photos as evidence or clues.

8. A photo genealogist can connect you with other researchers or relatives who have photos or information about your ancestors.

9. A photo genealogist can teach you how to take better photos of your living relatives and document your family history for future generations.

10. A photo genealogist can inspire you to explore your heritage and appreciate the lives of your ancestors.

A photo genealogist is more than just a photo expert. They are also a storyteller, a detective, a historian, and a friend. They can help you discover new aspects of your family history and make it more meaningful and enjoyable. If you want to hire a photo genealogist for your project, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and see how we can help.